20 Best Sales Outsourcing Companies and Software

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15 Best Sales Outsourcing Companies and Software

Creating a well-rounded sales cycle on your own takes a lot of time and effort. Plus, it requires constant upkeep and monitoring to ensure that it’s continuously turning leads into paying customers. Because it’s so tedious to create it on your own, a lot of companies turn to sales outsourcing companies and software to help them achieve their goals.

In this post, we’ll start by defining how a sales funnel works, what it means to outsource key aspects of the sales process, and how they can work together to increase the number of sales you are able to earn. Then, we’ll provide some of our top picks for new and existing companies that provide these services.

What is a Sales Funnel?

I’m sure you have heard of the term “sales funnel” before, but do your sales and marketing teams refer back to it when making decisions? A sales funnel represented below, represents the journey that your potential customers take to become paying customers. The steps that a potential customer takes to become a paying customer are awareness, interest, decision, and sales. As you can see, the funnel gets smaller and smaller the further down it goes. This is because there are going to be customers that drop off. They can drop off for various reasons including budget cuts, no longer interested, or have found another option.

Every business will struggle at some point in its sales process to keep its potential customers engaged. That’s where your outsourcing team comes in. People that are hired to outsource sales are professionals at understanding the funnel. Now that you are more familiar with a sales funnel, let’s jump into what sales outsourcing is.

Sales Funnel - Best Sales Outsourcing Companies and Software

What is Sales Outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing refers to the use of external resources to help manage your sales funnel. This could include a software, hiring a company, or one individual, to fulfill a portion of the sales process by exploring untapped potential. Both inbound and outbound sales channels can be used in your plan. This may include lead generation software or even sales activities that are more manual in nature. Such as implementing an outbound call center or direct mail services. 

Benefits of Sales Outsourcing Companies

Are there any benefits of this strategy? Of course. For starters, an outsourced sales team can help a company explore the untapped potential in new markets. It’s hard for your already busy team to overcome hurdles of technology or maybe you don’t have enough manpower to compete. It also may promote savings in time or money for businesses that want to scale quickly without hiring more full-time employees. Plus, an outsider’s opinion can always be beneficial since it can be hard for your staff to try something new.

Additionally, some outsourcing opportunities can help businesses expand into new markets or get a foothold in new geographical regions. When there are language or cultural barriers at play, outsourcing may prove to be beneficial. An outsider’s opinion, either as a short-term bridge or a long-term solution, can help you with any differences that you’re not aware of. Companies may also go the outsourcing route if there is a need to pitch new, cutting-edge products or services that haven’t come to market yet.

As sales outsourcing becomes more popular, sales outsourcing companies have risen to the occasion, particularly in the B2B world. If you’re interested in outsourcing a portion of your sales process, this list of 20 top companies provides a great place to start as you weigh the costs and benefits.

1. Visitor Queue

20 Best Sales Outsourcing Companies and Software: Visitor Queue

Our top pick, Visitor Queue, offers B2B lead generation software that intuitively leverages easy-to-use tracking script data to collect and find leads through live website traffic. 

With a user-friendly dashboard, Visitor Queue users can identify new leads and quickly spot important company data that can be beneficial when closing a deal. Visitor Queue is helpful for both new and existing business development opportunities.

 The software takes care of the basics, such as identifying contact information, social profiles of decision-makers, and employee counts. It also goes one step further by tracking existing clients. As a result, your team can ensure that follow-up happens at a perfect time, based upon available insights.

With a robust list of integrations, Visitor Queue makes it easy to connect to your CRM or other popular tools. When you start a free 14-day trial, you have the ability to see who is interested in your service.

2. SalesEvolve

Sales Outsourcing Companies - SalesEvolve

If you’re looking for a customizable sales outsourcing option, SalesEvolve can help. An integrity-based approach helps customers achieve results through a variety of services that include lead generation, appointment setting, and nurturing opportunities. You’ll start with an initial business assessment. This helps the SalesEvolve team determine your company’s target audience and ideal customer and then start building.

3. JumpCrew 

Sales Outsourcing Companies - JumpCrew

JumpCrew takes a creative approach that begins with building brand awareness and tailoring marketing efforts accordingly. The company’s outsourced sales solutions are designed to save time and money through prospecting and appointment setting. Highly trained sales reps are always on hand to handle the full sales cycle until a deal is signed on the dotted line. 

4. Sales Partnerships

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Sales Partnerships

Sales Partnerships is known for offering strategic targeting that makes the sales process simple. The results speak for themselves, as the company has generated over $10 billion in revenue for clients since 1997. If you’re looking for skilled sales representatives that can facilitate more streamlined product launches that capture greater market share. Look no further than the team at Sales Partnerships.

5. Sales Outsourcing Pros

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Sales Outsourcing Pros

If acceleration is what you’re searching for, take a look at Sales Outsourcing Pros. Known for faster sales cycles, increased pipeline, and better client engagement. The team at Sales Outsourcing Pros delivers top-level reporting, roadmaps, and growth plans that help generate revenue and create sustainable growth. 

6. CloudTask

Sales Outsourcing Companies - CouldTask

Looking for multilingual sales representatives that offer 24/7 availability through chat, SMS, and social media channels? CloudTask can help. Sales development associates can provide clean data and verify lead information. While business development representatives can book appointments with potential customers and clients. If you’re in need of something more top-of-funnel, CloudTask can even provide account executives who help seal the deal.  

7. Overpass 

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Overpass

If you’re worried about the simplicity of managing an outsourced sales team, Overpass is a great choice. Working with an outbound call center isn’t always simple and stress-free. The Overpass team understands that businesses need a way to add new services without adding frustration to the sales cycle. 

This complete end-to-end process helps business owners locate and hire the right sales team members, set up campaigns, keep an eye on analytics, and even distribute payment with peace of mind. In addition, overpass offers an all-in-one solution for businesses that have doubts or worries about outsourcing sales components.

8. Top Lead

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Top Lead

If working with a dedicated sales development representative is on your outsourcing wish list, Top Lead may be a great choice. Top Lead’s services start by matching your company with an experienced sales development representative (SDR). Who then commits to qualifying leads for your personal sales team. 

Communication is vital, and Top Lead offers weekly check-ins and training sessions to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Top Lead markets its services as an extension of your own company. As a result, you get to keep more of the profits.

9. Callbox

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Callbox

In many ways, sales outsourcing companies can help a business build a foundation for future success. Callbox is a B2B service that does just that. With lead generation and appointment setting services, Callbox helps businesses fill the sales pipeline with warm and qualified leads through a process of multi-touch and multi-channel marketing. Whether your outsourcing budget is vast or minor. Callbox has proven strategies in place to help you achieve and exceed sales and revenue goals.

10. Upcall

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Upcall

Is your business ready for an outbound call center but unsure where to start? Upcall is a high-level communication and sales service that currently works with over 400 major brands. If you’re worried about transparency, Upcall has your back. 

With a detailed dashboard, you have full access to calls made on your company’s behalf, and you can track results in live time. Following up with leads through phone and text is often time-consuming work, requiring a good deal of manual effort for sales team members. By using Upcall, sales teams can scale results without using valuable work hours, which means that closed-won rates improve drastically. 

11. Data Axle Genie

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Data Axle Genie

If you need a streamlined path to lists of leads, Data Axle Genie can help. With over 50 years of experience, the Data Axle Genie team knows how to generate new customers through channels like phone, email, direct mail, paid search, and multi-channel marketing. Data Axle Genie pulls from over 60 million business leads and over 300 million consumer leads to generate top-quality lists built on relevant data. The company offers personalized advice and a free 3-day trial.

12. Accordium 

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Accordium

Accordium is a unique service that offers users the ability to create visual workflows for sales-related tasks and closed deals. Additionally, Accordium offers customizable video introductions that help cold leads turn warm with a one-of-a-kind touch. Personal sales videos powered with Accordium have been shown to improve deal closing rates by up to 32%

Ready to see what the power of video can do for your sales outsourcing efforts? Start a free 14-day trial or book a demo with the Accordium team.  

We enable B2B companies to identify the anonymous businesses visiting their website so they can follow up with them and increase revenue. 98% of website traffic leaves without converting - start your 14-day free trial to identify who they are today!

13. Drift ABM

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Drift

If your business prioritizes account-based marketing, Drift ABM is one service you don’t want to overlook. Drift ABM provides a direct, straight-line way to connect with prospects as soon as they land on a website by using an intelligent chat feature that pops up on-site. 

Through playbooks and routing features, Drift helps ensure that sales team members never miss an opportunity to connect with a buyer (without having to sit on chat waiting around for prospects to visit a website). Real-time notifications and intuitive analytics provide deeper insight into how sales members are interacting with prospects.

14. ZoomInfo

Sales Outsourcing Companies - ZoomInfo

Want to hit your sales goals again and again with a continuous process that works every time? ZoomInfo provides an intuitive look into actionable sales data. Built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps ensure that you never overlook an interested customer, important business contact, or valuable decision-maker. 

When you implement ZoomInfo’s software, you’ll get access to intent signals. As a result, this means smarter, more intelligent sales data that leads to better conversions.

15. Lease A Sales Rep 

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Lease A Sales Rep

By serving small businesses, mid-size markets, and large enterprise corporations, Lease A Sales Rep was recently named one of the fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. 5000. The company’s outsourced sales services include trade show lead follow-ups, telesales, inside print sales, and even services offered in Spanish. 

Moreover, the organization offers a white label sales service to partners. As a result, this can help save money and time on recruiting, onboarding, and training skilled sales team members. In addition, if building your own team is a pain point, Lease a Sales Rep can promise a tangible and timely fix.

16. Salespanel

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Salespanel

Salespanel is a marketing and sales software company that specializes in lead generation and sales intelligence. They offer a multitude of outsourcing services including tracking sales emails, qualifying leads, purchase intent, and analyzing data.

Salespanel is an all-encompassing tool that is ready to help both your sales and marketing teams guide prospects further down your sales funnel. They have a free plan available for startups, or paid plans starting at $49 USD a month.

17. SaaSBoost.io

Sales Outsourcing Companies -  SaaSBoost.io

SaaSBoost.io specializes in B2B SaaS sales outsourcing. Because they only work with a specific industry, they are very experienced and strategic with B2B sales strategies. With their help, your company can break into untapped markets and build a scalable sales pipeline.

A few of their most reputable clients include Mailchimp, Microsoft, and Monday. SaaSBoost.io works in phases, which allows them to set short-term goals and metrics that they’d like to achieve. Prices start at $8,000 per month, plus commission where applicable, with the option to add additional sales reps depending on your company’s growth and projection goals.

18. Belkins

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Belkins

Belkins is a lead generation and sales outsourcing company that helps their clients fulfill their potential to the fullest extent. They proclaim that they’re not a typical lead generation agency, handling clients at every stage of your sales funnel.

Belkins is a very organized and professional company that will generate leads, follow up with them, and try to convert them into paying customers with demos, trade shows, and more. They work with a wide variety of companies, including B2B and B2C, and can even help LinkedIn influencers reach a wider audience. Contact Belkins to view their pricing information.

19. Operatix

Sales Outsourcing Companies - Operatix

Operatix specializes in accelerating sales for B2B software companies. They will help your team identify new revenue opportunities, generate qualified leads, and increase revenue.

Operatix focuses on European and North American markets. Whether you’re an enterprise-sized software company or a startup, Operatix will have a package perfect for your needs. Contact their sales team to build a custom plan for your company.

20. The Sales Factory

Sales Outsourcing Companies - The Sales Factory

The Sales Factory helps businesses grow exponentially with their proven proprietary marketing and sales strategies and multi-channel outreach initiatives. Their sales reps are trained to generate new and relevant leads and drive them down your sales funnel.

With their coaching and consulting services, even once you end your partnership with The Sales Factory, your team will have a better understanding of how to generate high quality leads and how to convert them. Reach out to The Sales Factory for a personalized plan based on your company’s goals.

A Trend for Future Growth

As more companies realize the potential for enormous savings in time, money, and effort, sales outsourcing is be here to stay. As this list of 20 service providers proves, there are many customizable solutions available at just about every level of the sales funnel. Whether your business needs more lead generation, nurturing activities, or closed deals, outsourced models could prove to be both beneficial and profitable.

Final Words

Does your team have significant sales goals to reach in 2022? Are you struggling to make your sales goals and don’t know what to change? If so, now could be the perfect time to invest in a sales outsourcing company. We hope that you were able to find the solution that helps you grow and scale. In addition, make challenges a thing of the past.

Are you ready to make headway on those goals by adding better leads to your pipeline? If so, make sure to start your free 14-day Visitor Queue trial today!

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