Product Updates: November 2018

Automatic Queue Creation Based on Assignee Keeping track of which leads are assigned to whom just got a lot easier! You can now create automatic queues based on whether or not a lead is assigned and/or the individual(s) the lead is assigned to. Visitor Queue for Agencies   Introducing Visitor Queue agency accounts! Manage all […]

Product Updates: October 2018

Global Database Enrichment We’ve launched major enrichments to our database to ensure more companies have complete information about their industry, employee count, phone numbers, bios, addresses, and key employee contact data. Case Studies We’ve launched the case studies section of our website that features reviews and testimonials from some of our clients. If you want […]

Product Updates: September 2018

Key Contact Filtering & Search Bar No more spending time looking through key contact records for the right person to reach out to! You can now utilize our filters and search bar to look for the correct individual, in the correct department. All fields on key contact records are searchable! Hot Lead Notifications Want to […]

Product Updates: August 2018 

Export Key Contacts for Leads           Sick of exporting based on company information and modifying the information in excel to gather company contacts? Great news – we have now launched the ability to export via the key contacts on a lead record! New Queue & Account Filtering Options Based on popular feedback, […]