Product Updates: November 2018

Automatic Queue Creation Based on Assignee

Keeping track of which leads are assigned to whom just got a lot easier! You can now create automatic queues based on whether or not a lead is assigned and/or the individual(s) the lead is assigned to.

Visitor Queue for Agencies


Introducing Visitor Queue agency accounts! Manage all of your clients under one login/dashboard and give them access to their select websites. Take advantage of exclusive discounts and pricing that allows you to resell or gift Visitor Queue to your clients! Learn more now.

Videos: Our 3 Use Cases


Learn from those who know the product best! We’ve created 3 short videos to help you better understand the 3 use cases Visitor Queue has within your organization. Watch them now!

Video: OSG™ Case Study


We sat down with Sadie McCann from OSG™ to learn how they use Visitor Queue to develop new business and better serve their existing clients. Watch the full case study now!

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