Product Updates: October 2018

Global Database Enrichment

We’ve launched major enrichments to our database to ensure more companies have complete information about their industry, employee count, phone numbers, bios, addresses, and key employee contact data.

Case Studies

We’ve launched the case studies section of our website that features reviews and testimonials from some of our clients. If you want to be featured in one of our case studies (oh the sweet SEO juice) and share how you use Visitor Queue, contact us today!

ISP Filtering Enrichments

We’ve made major improvements to our ISP filtering abilities in South Africa, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. We will continue to make enrichments in those areas and additional areas. If you have a request for an area to be improved, contact us today!

Dashboard User Bar


The user bar that was previously accessible in the dashboard has now moved to the users tab in settings. Admin and advanced users still have the ability to impersonate users, but will now be able to do it via the users tab instead of the dashboard.

Phone numbers, company bio, & address in exports


Based on user feedback, you will now find company phone numbers, bios and addresses included in company information exports.

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