If you’ve signed up for a Visitor Queue account, or even browsed through our website, you likely know that we use Google Analytics as one of the sources of our data. We’re a partner of theirs and it’s been a great experience for us! Visitor Queue and Google Analytics have several similarities, as well as several differences. We would like to touch on both in this article to develop a better understanding of key competencies.


  • Dimensions: Both Visitor Queue and Google Analytics allow you to identify dimensions related to your website traffic. Common dimensions that we both identify consist of date and location.
  • Metrics: Both Visitor Queue and Google Analytics can show you metrics related to the traffic on your website. Common metrics that we both identify consist of pageviews, time on page and source/medium.
  • Filtering: Both Visitor Queue and Google Analytics allow you to filter your information. We’ll have to give it to Google on this one though, their abilities are far more advanced than ours.


  • Company based reporting: One of the most important differences between Visitor Queue and Google Analytics is that all Visitor Queue data is reported based on the company it relates to. This is crucial for us being a B2B sales and marketing focused offering.
  • Lead generation tool: Visitor Queue is built to be a lead generation tool that enables users to sell and market more easily to companies that visit their website. Google Analytics, on the other hand, is meant as a website reporting tool.
  • Company information: Further to the above, Visitor Queue also provides unique contact information for the companies that visit a website, while Google Analytics does not. This information often consists of websites, phone numbers, specific addresses, and emails.
  • Social media information: Unlike Google Analytics, Visitor Queue adds information about the social media accounts owned by a company. This information can prove useful while developing and nurturing leads.
  • Industry: Visitor Queue provides information about the industry that a company operates in, allowing for even further sales and marketing development of the lead.
  • Assignment of leads: Through manual or automated assignment of leads, Visitor Queue allows you to manage leads and users just like you would in a CRM.
  • Multipurpose vs. specialization: Google Analytics is meant to be an all-around, multipurpose tool that users can customize to meet several different needs. Visitor Queue, on the other hand, specializes in lead generation and supporting sales and marketing teams to increase revenue.


Google Analytics is a powerful website reporting tool. Visitor Queue strips information from Google Analytics enriches it with lead data and displays it in a manner that makes it easier for sales and marketing teams to utilize.

A note about Google Analytics

Being a Google Analytics Technology Partner is one of our greatest points of pride here at Visitor Queue. Developing on top of their current capabilities has been an incredible experience for our team. We look forward to growing alongside them and strongly believe in their ability to continue to dominate.

So, what is Visitor Queue?

Glad you asked! Visitor Queue is a powerful B2B lead generation platform that allows you to identify the companies that are visiting your website. We also tell you what they did on your website, how they got there, company contact information, and key employee contact information. Further, we provide an easy to use dashboard with tons of optimization functionality for you to access your leads. Or, you can utilize our integrations/API to send leads into your existing systems. Visit here to sign up for a 14-day free trial or to learn more!