Using Visitor Queue as a B2C Company

Visitor Queue was built for B2B companies (businesses that sell to other businesses) and that’s really our bread and butter. So, what about all the B2C companies (businesses that sell to consumers) out there?

We have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that your company will have to be at least in part B2B. The good news is that if your company is at least a little bit B2B, we can likely make Visitor Queue work for you.

How to Make Visitor Queue Work for Your B2B & B2C Company

We work with a large range of clients and we consistently see varying business models with B2B and B2C making up differing percentages of revenue. Whether you are 99% B2B or 1% B2B, as long as you have a page or pages on your website that is/are related to the B2B aspect of your business, Visitor Queue can identify leads for you. This can be easily done by using account filters to exclude or include specific pages on your website.

Using Account Filters to Include or Exclude Certain Pages

On your website, you likely have a page or pages that specifically pertain to the B2B aspect of your business. Utilize account filters to only show leads that have visited these pages as they have shown an interest in that aspect of your business. Follow these steps to set up account filters:

  1. As an Admin or Advanced user, access the settings.
  2. Go to the Account Filters tab.
  3. You should see all your (if you have any) active Account Filters for your account. You want to click the Add New Filter button.
  4. Give your filter a name and tell us what Google Analytics View it should apply to.
  5. Select the Page Filter.
  6. Select that the Page Filter Contains.
  7. Enter all the URLs, separated by commas that pertain to the B2B portion of your business.
  8. Choose to create the filter and then load your dashboard.

Your account should now only be populated with leads that at one point visited a page related to the B2B portion of our business.

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