Product Updates: August 2018 

Export Key Contacts for Leads






Sick of exporting based on company information and modifying the information in excel to gather company contacts? Great news – we have now launched the ability to export via the key contacts on a lead record!

New Queue & Account Filtering Options

Based on popular feedback, we have now added the options to create queues based on the leads state/province and/or their source/medium. Further, you can now filter your account based on the state/province of the lead.

*Beta: Visitor Queue API

Again, based on popular demand, we have now launched our API in Beta. A number of clients are currently utilizing it with a few beta spots remaining. Please contact our team if you would like beta access and documentation. 

Affiliate & Partner Program

Do you have a network that may be interested in utilizing Visitor Queue to grow their business? We believe you should be rewarded for getting your peers to sign up for Visitor Queue. Our Affiliate & Partner program gives you the option to earn life time commissions or offer your network/clients exclusive discounts on our plans. Learn More!

Additional Information in Notification Emails

We’ve added additional fields to our regular notification emails! In the notifications you receive of the new leads in your account, you will now see the Headquarters address for the company and the company’s website domain.

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