Product Updates: September 2018

Key Contact Filtering & Search Bar

No more spending time looking through key contact records for the right person to reach out to! You can now utilize our filters and search bar to look for the correct individual, in the correct department. All fields on key contact records are searchable!

Hot Lead Notifications

Want to be notified right away when a lead visits a certain number of pages, or greater? Our new Hot Lead feature will send you an email notification once a lead visits a certain number of pages that you determine.

Partner Program Portal

Last month we launched our official partner program. This month, we have added in our partner portal where our affiliates/partners can access marketing material, generate links, and track leads, sales, and commissions. Click here to access the portal!

.CSV Email Notifications

Based on popular demand, you can now receive a .csv export included in your regular email notifications. It will be attached to the email and include further details about the new leads that visited your website.

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