Why We Didn’t Add Automatic Lead Ranking

When we were first dreaming up the idea of Visitor Queue, adding an automatic lead ranking function was at the top of our planned feature list. In fact, several of our competitors offer it so it would be silly for us not to, right? In our opinion – wrong! As we explored the idea of this functionality further, we learned it just wasn’t practical.

In a perfect world, an automatic lead ranking function is a good idea, but we don’t live in a perfect world. The businesses we work with come in all shapes and sizes, from many different industries and they all have differing needs. A lead with certain characteristics may be garbage to you but incredibly strong to a different company, and vice versa. You see, there really is no one size fits all functionality that we would have been able to use. So, instead of risking the fact that our beloved clients could be ignoring incredibly valuable leads, we stayed away from automatic lead ranking and instead added in the correct tools for them to choose for themselves.

There are several features within Visitor Queue that you can use to rank and distinguish the strength of your leads. Below we have outlined the ones we think will be most beneficial to our clients.

  1. Automatic Lead Queues: Based on the characteristics of a lead, automatically filter leads into different queues that differentiate them as either a strong, medium or weak lead, or any variation you see fit.
  2. Manual Lead Queues: Create queues for strong, medium and weak leads, or any variance you see fit and start manually placing leads into the queue you deem appropriate.
  3. Dashboard Filtering: Use Dashboard Filtering to only show leads that you determine to be a certain strength.
  4. Account Filtering: Create Account Filters based on your company’s needs to remove any leads that may be too weak for your team to even work with.
  5. Lead Hiding: Hide leads that you don’t want to see again because they are too weak for your team to work with.
  6. Lead Archiving: Remove a lead from your dashboard that isn’t qualified now, but may be in the future.

If these features aren’t cutting it for you, rest assured that we are constantly developing and improving our software. If you still need more, don’t be afraid to contact us and we can chat about what features you hope to see Visitor Queue add!

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