Best Sales Promotion Strategies

12 Best Sales Promotion Strategies with Examples

Everyone loves a sale! But, not all sales promotion strategies are the same in the consumer’s eyes. Every type of sales promotion strategy has its pros and cons, and not every type will work for every business. It can be beneficial to try out a few different types of sales promotions strategies, so you can […]

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy: Tips, Examples and How-To’s

The world of email marketing is endless, and it can be hard to decide what your email marketing strategy should be. From sales and promotions to follow-ups and newsletters, there are countless guidelines that go into crafting the perfect email. Lucky for you, we have put together a list of best practices, with examples, to […]

11 Best B2B Software to Drive Success

11 Best B2B Software to Drive Success in 2021

In the sea of B2B software options, it can be a daunting task to find which software will best suit your company’s specific needs. Even when you find software that you think will help, sometimes they are so complicated to use that you just get frustrated (we’ve all been there). With marketing and business best […]

EP 9: What The Growth!? – Answer Questions on Quora to Increase Brand Awareness

In the ninth episode of What The Growth!?, Visitor Queue’s Chief Executive and Co-founder, Nick Hollinger, goes over how to quickly grow your business by answering questions related to your product/service on Quora. For everyone that isn’t aware, Quora is the equivalent of Yahoo Answers for business. Disclaimer, I’m not too sure if Yahoo Answers is […]

8 Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should be Using

9 Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should be Using

In the realm of marketing, it seems like there are always new marketing tools, tips, or tricks to help you grow your current marketing strategy and make it more effective. But how are you supposed to keep up to date with all of this changing technology and manage your current strategy? Thankfully for you, that’s […]

Sales Commission Structures and How to Calculate Them

Sales Commission Structures & How to Calculate Them

As workplaces evolve, the emphasis on how happy you are in your workplace rises. Do you feel appreciated? Can you work from home? Does your work offer a flexible schedule to help with kids or appointments? Etc. However, this does not mean that the amount you get paid is any less important. Over 40% of […]

How to Perform a Competitor Analysis

How to Perform a Competitor Analysis

Everyone has been told this before “stay one step ahead of your competition”. Now, while that is great advice, it’s also terrible advice. That’s about as helpful as saying “be the best out there”. We are all trying to be the best on the market and stay ahead of our competition. But how do you […]

Marketing Qualified leads

How to Generate More Marketing Qualified Leads

Anyone is able to go out and get leads, it’s a relatively simple process for businesses. Anyone can go buy an email list or a service that gives them people to reach out to. The difficult part is getting a marketing qualified list of leads. A list of people or companies that are more likely […]

Does Blog Content Lead To Sales? How To

Everyone and their dog has a blog (and I really mean their dog, dogs now have social media accounts, blogs, and more), but is it helping achieve their goals? There are few blogs on the internet that are there for sheer goodwill. Most people and businesses have blog content in order to post industry or […]

Top B2B Prospecting Methods You Should be Using

The B2B sales environment is a cut-throat world. There are always sales reps fighting over clients to meet quotas and constant outreach strategies to collect all sales available. After all, it’s sales that keep a business afloat. This is why sales can have some of the highest turnovers. As sales reps either can’t hit quotas […]