B2B Contact Information

Who are the Best B2B Contact Information Providers?

Data is at the core of sales and marketing teams as we know it today. The performance of sales and marketing initiatives heavily depend on your data and the quality of your data. Many professionals in charge of gathering B2B contact information are still hesitant to use B2B databases. This is due to not knowing […]

Sales Interview Questions

30 Sales Interview Questions to Ask Sales Interviewees

These days, sales talent is exceptionally hard to discover. This may be due to talented sales reps being happy in their current roles, the job market being tight, or it is too expensive to hire new sales reps. This is why identifying talent is so important to B2B companies. Finding people who best suit your […]

Remote Working

Remote Working Stats to Know in 2021

As we all saw in 2020, there was a huge movement towards remote working. Now, most of this was mandated by work from home orders due to the pandemic, but many opted to work from home for safety purposes. Now what we are seeing is those who moved to work from home are staying home. […]

30 Sales Trends You Need to Know for 2021

Every time we think we have a handle on our sales tactics and we are on top of the world, we discover new sales trends to knock us down a peg. Honestly, that might not be such a bad thing. As industry professionals, we should always be adapting our approach to our customers in order […]

Hubspot vs. Pipedrive: Which Should Your Business Choose?

As I am sure you are aware, it can be difficult to choose the best CRM for you and your team. The long journey from prospect to a successfully converted customer is not easy. This is why choosing the right software is so essential. Tools can drastically improve your team’s workflow and can make the […]

Marketing Trends to Look out for in 2021

The vibrations of 2020 will be felt for years to come as the business and marketing landscape has been altered drastically. In the coming years, brands face a whole new terrain of behaviour from consumers that will shape marketing strategies that no one thought of before. No year will feel this change as much as […]

New Marketing Role: Where to Start

Nervousness and excitement are typically the feelings that are felt by those starting new positions, whether it is in a new company or their existing one. Sometimes those feelings are triggered simply by walking into a space and not knowing anyone, sometimes it’s a new marketing role with more responsibility than you have handled in […]

52 Marketing Stats You Need to Know for 2021

Marketing is constantly evolving with new technologies, new platforms, marketers exploring new ways to engage customers, etc. With this industry constantly evolving, it is important to keep up to date with marketing statistics. To understand where you should allocate your budget and time, or where to look for new opportunities. One way to do this […]

7 Best Social Media Scheduling Software

We all know that a strong and consistent presence on social media is important, regardless if you are a business or someone striving to be an influencer. But as we are all aware, it can be difficult to keep an active social media presence. Especially in years such as 2020 when you are focusing on […]

7 Best Website Builders for 2021

With more and more website builders coming to the market, it is becoming easier to move your business online and remain looking professional. With templates, easy to customize features, and support, your business can look as professional online as you do offline. But not all website builders are the same. As with any tool, you […]