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5 Best Email Marketing Software

Businesses are always trying to improve their email marketing efforts as it can be one of their most useful tools to generate leads. Email marketing remains to have a high ROI (return on investment) of $42 to every $1 spent. In order for you and your team to see the benefits of email marketing, first, […]

Marketing Trends to Look out for in 2021

The vibrations of 2020 will be felt for years to come as the business and marketing landscape has been altered drastically. In the coming years, brands face a whole new terrain of behaviour from consumers that will shape marketing strategies that no one thought of before. No year will feel this change as much as […]

New Marketing Role: Where to Start

Nervousness and excitement are typically the feelings that are felt by those starting new positions, whether it is in a new company or their existing one. Sometimes those feelings are triggered simply by walking into a space and not knowing anyone, sometimes it’s a new marketing role with more responsibility than you have handled in […]

52 Marketing Stats You Need to Know for 2021

Marketing is constantly evolving with new technologies, new platforms, marketers exploring new ways to engage customers, etc. With this industry constantly evolving, it is important to keep up to date with marketing statistics. To understand where you should allocate your budget and time, or where to look for new opportunities. One way to do this […]

8 Website Marketing Metrics You Should be Tracking & Reporting On

Before you start any new type of marketing initiatives you should already be thinking about how you can track your success. Going back to Marketing 101 in school, you should be following the rules of SMART for goal setting. You remember; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time. I always hated that last one, not making a […]

12 Best Marketing Interview Questions to Ask Marketers

Building a strong marketing team isn’t easy, but it is crucial to grow your business and expand your reach. There are countless companies that are competing for top talent. And it is not just top talent you are looking for, you also need someone that fits your values, strategies, and has qualities you are in […]

B2B Social Media Marketing Platforms Ranked

As I am sure you are aware, B2C companies have been using social media for years now. Not only have they been using it, but they have been using it extremely well. I know I am not the only one that has bought something due to an Instagram or another social media advertisement. But given […]

11 Best Business Website Analytics Tools for 2021

“Knowledge is power.” This is a common phrase in life and in business and especially rings true when it comes to mastering your website marketing. Having access to powerful insights and website analytics tools gives you power to improve your marketing campaigns. And reach more customers than ever before. Fortunately, there is a wealth of […]

Why Blogs Fail and How To Make Sure Yours Doesn’t

I think we can all agree that there is no shortage of blogs on the internet. If you are looking for information on a topic (especially a B2B topic), there is a good chance that you will find at least one blog post on this topic. With the sheer number of blogs that are available […]

Content Marketing: Overcoming Writer’s Block

There is a high likelihood if you are reading this blog that you have, at one point, experienced writer’s block. If you are one of the lucky few who has not encountered writer’s block, I think I speak for all of the readers and myself that we are envious of you. Writer’s block can be […]

6 Best Website Personalization Tools

Most customers are more likely to buy from companies that offer relevant and complementary products. This isn’t by accident or a company doing this out of the kindness of their heart. Website personalization tools are specific and targeted. Think about the last time you were online shopping. Did they offer complementary or similar products to […]

What is Website Personalization?

Website personalization is the process of creating a personal and custom experience for the visitors on your site. Instead of creating one website and having all your visitors experience the site the exact same way, you can create a personal experience for each visitor. The process of creating a personalized experience for visitors is not […]