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Sales vs. Marketing/Product Driven Companies

Sales vs. Marketing for Product Driven Companies

Sales vs. marketing always and will always be a topic discussed by business owners and entrepreneurs alike. And, it can be a touchy subject for some companies to discuss. For most companies*, it is one of the following departments that drives a majority of the company’s revenue: Sales/Business Development Marketing/Product You may now be thinking […]

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Who are the Best B2B Email List Providers?

Let’s face it, B2B lead generation is hard. I’m sure all of us have thought about or tried many new ways to increase our leads and contact information. From gated content and email lists to remarketing campaigns, it’s difficult to find new leads to reach out to. There’s a good chance that you’ve considered whether […]

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Social Selling

What is Social Proof Marketing

It’s a Friday night, you and a friend want to go out to a dance club. You are walking around and come across ten different dance clubs. Eight of those clubs have people in it, and the other two are completely empty; it is almost second nature to choose the ones people are already enjoying. […]

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15 Best Website Visitor Tracking Software

Every business owner or marketer wants to know if their market efforts are paying off in terms of website traffic and new leads for your business. Attracting new leads often directly correlates to an increase in revenue. While some analytics tools, like Google Analytics, can measure website visitor tracking, many fall short when it comes […]

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Average Cost Per Lead (CPL) for Different B2B Marketing Channels in 2022

Remember when we used to aimlessly throw money into newspapers, radio, or television and hope for the best? We had no idea what our cost per lead would be. As a marketer in 2022, having access to data and analytics are critical for success. One of the most important stats that we need to track […]

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Should You Decrease Your Marketing & Sales Budget During a Recession?

With a projected recession on the horizon, many businesses have been forced to re-think their marketing and sales budget. But, is decreasing your marketing and sales budgets to save money always the way to go? Or is there a way to get the most of your marketing so you actually make more money during a […]

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Best Marketing Software to Grow Your Company

15 Best Marketing Software to Grow Your Company

We all know that growing a company is no easy feat. It can take a lot of trial and error to figure out what works, and what doesn’t. But, with the help of marketing software, you can take your marketing initiatives to the next level. Whether you are trying to generate leads, automate workflows, schedule […]

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12 Reasons Your Leads Are Not Converting

12 Reasons Why Your Leads Are Not Converting

A strong lead generation strategy will help your company increase revenue, and ultimately grow. However, we all know that lead generation is not as easy as it sounds. Even veteran marketers can struggle to perfect their lead generation strategy. A lot of the time, marketers struggle to understand why their leads are not converting. While […]

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Marketing Trends

Top 14 Marketing Trends to Use in 2022 and Beyond

Marketing is always changing. Especially when the world is so unpredictable, it’s best to plan and prepare your marketing initiatives well in advance of implementing them. That’s why we need to research and understand the marketing trends that are expected to be popular over the next year. Keep reading for 14 best trends that can […]

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Lead Generation Mistakes

12 Common Lead Generation Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Lead generation is one of the best ways to grow your company and increase revenue. However, there are a number of lead generation mistakes that marketers make on a daily basis that prohibit them from taking their company to the next level. What makes it worse is that you might not even know that you’re […]

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Lead Generation 101: X Lead Gen Tips for Beginners

Lead Generation 101: 7 Lead Gen Tips for Beginners

So, you want to learn about lead generation? Well, you’re in the right place! Lead generation is tricky for all skill and experience levels, but understanding the basics of lead generation can greatly help you improve your marketing and sales tactics. Successfully generating leads will help your company drive revenue and growth, and gain a […]

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Lead Mining

12 Best B2B Lead Mining Software to Use in 2022

In 2022, lead mining is one of the best ways for B2B companies to drive growth and revenue. With the help of a B2B lead mining software, your sales team will be able to fill your sales funnel without spending time trying to generate cold leads. By investing in a lead mining software, your sales […]

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