Updated Jan 2020

Content marketing is big (obviously). For B2B and B2C companies alike, their content creation strategy is a critical piece of their overall lead and sales generation process. I’ve formulated very successful content strategies for a few companies and the part I find people struggling with the most is choosing what to write about. I’ve legitimately heard individuals say that they have written about everything possible – which is never the case.

When choosing your blog topics, it is critical that you remain authentic, but also be as methodical as possible. Here are some great ways to choose your next blog topic.

AdWords & Google Trends 

This is a gimme and is used by marketers everywhere. You can go into your Google AdWords account (or create one for free if you don’t have one) and under tools, you will find the Keyword Planner tool. You can either put in a keyword related to your industry or insert your website domain. When sifting through the results, you’ll likely see some long-tail queries that will make for a great blog topic.

Similar to AdWords, you can use Google Trends to find out what people are searching for and use that to form your next blog post. 

Related publishers

What are your direct or indirect competitors covering in their blog posts? You don’t have to directly rip them off but instead look for ideas in the topics they have already written about.

Google Analytics and spinoffs of already successful pieces

If this isn’t your first time writing a blog piece, you likely have some data on what content is successful in driving traffic. Look through your Google Analytics account for blog posts that have been successful in the past and try to create a follow-up or spinoff to that piece.

What’s popular and does it have implications for your audience?

This is a big one. It is important to stay up-to-date on trends in not only your industry but also mass consumer culture and see if you can relate it to your audience. Remember how everyone was playing Pokémon Go? Well, when working for a workplace health and safety training company, we wrote an article on how Pokémon Go has the potential to be a workplace hazard, and people loved it! This is only one example, but I think you get the point.

What are your clients asking about?

Go talk to your Sales or Customer Support department to find out what your clients are asking about! These people spend all their time dealing with customer problems, so they likely have some insight into what clients need to know – which always make for good articles.

Outdated pieces

Things change constantly, go through your previous content and you may find some of it needs to be updated to still be relevant. This is a great method that prevents you from starting at square 1. Further, you can still distribute older content that has been updated as your network would likely appreciate the update!

Overall, there are better ways to find relevant high-quality content topics than throwing a dart at a list. Further, this doesn’t just have to be for blog content, it can be for any form of content you are focused on at that time!

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