A reverse IP address lookup will determine the location and additional information of any IP address. When performing a reverse IP address lookup, the IP address will show you the exact geographic area the IP address is from and information related to who it’s registered to. The process of a reverse IP address lookup helps in identifying the owner of a specific IP address. A single server can be configured to host multiple different virtual hosts from a single IP address. This is common in ISPs (internet service providers) and large organizations.

Reverse IP Lookup – What Information is Available?

Often people will think that by performing an IP address lookup that their exact mailing address or personal information will appear, this is simply not true. It is not technically possible to identify any “end-user”or their exact location. When performing an IP address lookup, you will identify the city, region and country their IP address resides in, and that is the extent.

In regards to the IP address of your personal computer or device, it will be reversed to the internet network address you are on. If you are at home and using your personal internet network. Your IP address will be that network’s IP address and the reversal will be returned to that company. Whereas, if you were at your office, there is a likelihood that your company has registered its IP address. The IP address return would return that company’s domain name. 

Reverse IP Address Information From Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue generates a unique tracking script for you to add to your company’s website to track the visitors coming to your site and perform IP address lookups in realtime. As 98% of visitors leave your site without any way for you to follow up with them. It is becoming critical to discover who they are. By utilizing Visitor Queue’s tracking script, you can identify the companies that visit your site and gain insight on them. Visitor Queue identifies the IP address of all visitors and uses IP address reversal to identify the visitor. If the visitor’s IP address returns a company domain name, it will populate in your dashboard. Along with all visit information such as pages viewed, time on page, where they came from, etc. Visitor Queue will also provide social media accounts, firmographic information, and contacts at this company to follow up with. 

IP Address Identification Using Other Means and Services

There are multiple other ways to perform an IP address lookup. There are several websites and tools that will help you discover your website visitors’ IP address. Then perform the reversal for you. If you use a chat function on your site, they may provide you with the IP address of your website visitors. Often, you will be able to identify the IP address of your visitors using your chat as this is how to tag them individually to have separate chats. In some cases, your server logs may also be automatically storing all of the IP addresses visiting your website. Making for easy reversal with the tools below.

Opentracker for IP Address Information

Opentracker allows you to track your visitors to your site and see where that visitor is from and their IP address. As it is not technologically possible to track end-users, you will only be able to see where the visitor is from. This information is still valuable if you do business with end customers and focus your product to a specific area or have sales in specific areas. This will allow you to track the visitors and their locations. With this information, you can ensure your marketing message is reaching the correct audience and alter it if needed. 

IP Tracker for IP Address Reversal

IP Tracker is a website that allows you to input an IP address and gives you the location for that IP address. You are also able to see the IP address information related to your own IP address. This allows you to track specific locations of IP addresses giving you an understanding of visitors or IP addresses you are interested in. As mentioned above, you can discover the IP addresses of visitors in many ways in order to input them within this tool to discover more information on them. 

ipinfo.io for IP Address Identification

ipinfo.io is a website that allows you to discover information about your own IP address. Also, IP addresses you know of and wish to track, DNS lookup, internet speed tests, and more. This is a great tool if you wish to learn about your internet footprint and how to protect yourself further. You are also able to learn more about the visitors you wish to track, their geographic information and the ISPs they use. 

How To Choose

Discovering your visitor’s IP addresses is not difficult and can be very beneficial to your business moving forward. Whether that is from the standpoint of following up with companies that visit your site. Or understanding if your marketing is reaching the correct audience.

There may be many ways that your business is already utilizing IP address information that you are unaware of. As mentioned earlier in the article, if you use a chat feature on your website, you are already using your visitor’s IP address information, and you can leverage that. As some chatbots already do a form of IP address reversal to the extent of geographical location. You may not need to take this data and go to a reversal site. Chat tools such as ZenDesk will display the visitor’s location upon them visiting and allow you to block or sort by IP address information. This information is very important to businesses and should be leveraged as much as possible to understand your customers further.

For those who were worried about what others can find by discovering your IP address, you can worry less. There is no technological way for anyone to discover any personal information about you. Other than a general location and what ISP you were using upon your visit. If you are still worried about your IP address and someone tracking you, there are multiple VPN tools out there that will mask your IP address and show you visiting from another location. Use this with caution as there are some countries that do not have access to certain information, websites, and content.

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