How to Turn an IP Address into Company Information

Don’t you hate it when you log into your website analytics only to see that a bunch of “anonymous” visitors have visited your site? Who doesn’t wish they could turn an IP address into company information? You know that you are attracting traffic, but you wish you could turn those visits into leads! Well, fortunately, […]

How to Perform a Reverse DNS Lookup

The purpose of a reverse DNS (also known as rDNS) lookup is to typically affiliate a domain with an IP address so you can identify a company visiting a website. This action can be performed every time a company lands on a site that has their IP address affiliated with their domain. Reverse DNS is […]

4 Smart Ways to See Who Has Visited Your Website

As a B2B business, your bread and butter are other companies that are in need of the services or products you offer. While you may already be spending time on lead generation, there’s no doubt that the best way to get leads is to follow up with companies that have already visited your website. But […]

Can you identify the people/users that visit a website?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is not possible to identify the people/users that visit a website. I have been asked this several times and there is no software out there that can identify this for you. People/users must give you that information via a live chat, contact form, email […]